A typical lesson for a complete beginner at the WSF Surf School:

Arrive at the surf school and meet your instructors.
All are fully ISA Surf coach and beach lifeguard qualified with current DBS/CRB checks.

Then its about 30 minutes to get equipment sorted, we allow plenty of time to get the right sizes and help you if its your first go at putting a wetsuit on.
What ever your size from child’s small to men’s and women’s XXL, the fun starts straight away getting these on. We have winter and summer wetsuits with wetsuit boots for you to keep you even warmer in the surf.

Then you’ll get your surfboard, specifically designed for learning to surf easily and safely.
The instructors will show you the easy way to carry these big surfboards onto the beach but we also have a trolley to carry them too. Great for our younger customers!

At the waters edge it’s time to pay attention for the safety talk. Essential tips for safe surfing after your lesson.

Next, learn the basics – lying on the board, paddling and catching a wave lying on your belly.
All this on the sand first to get the right technique.
Then into the surf to practice these for 10 or 20 minutes until you feel comfortable.

Your instructors will give help, demonstration and encouragement the whole time.

Now its time to stand up and walk on water! But hold on, lets do it back on the sand first – its easier.
Jumping up to the surfing stance is the tricky bit, but with lots of demonstrations and determination you’ll get it right.

Back into the sea for the rest of the morning to practice and see how many waves you can catch,
half the fun is watching everyone falling off.

If you’ve surfed a little before your lesson may be different like this:

While you are getting changed have a chat with your instructor and tell them what you have done before and your surfing goals. After the safety talk your instructor will go through some techniques to suit your needs.

There is so much to learn after riding a whitewater wave so no one lesson fits all here.

Tips include paddling through a wave, sitting on your board, dealing with fast and slow waves, turning, catching a green (unbroken) wave, surfing left and right, angled take offs, cut backs, top turns, turtle rolls, 360s, head stands, handstands, tube rides etc.

Every lesson follows a defined structure to make sure you get the best from your time with us.

Contact us for more info:

Telephone 01792 386426 Email: surfwsf@aol.com